Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know

January 11, 2023, 0 Comments

Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know and engage your target audience

Content marketing is a powerful strategy for building brand awareness, generating leads, and driving sales. By creating valuable and informative content, businesses can attract and engage your target audience, establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, and ultimately drive conversions. Here are a few statistics that demonstrate the importance of content marketing:

  • 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their overall strategy (Content Marketing Institute).
  • 60% of marketers create at least one piece of new content every day (HubSpot).
  • Blogs, articles, and news are the most popular types of content used by B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute).
  • Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing and costs 62% less (Demand Metric).
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human (Gartner).

It is also important to keep in mind that different types of content such as Blogs, Videos, Infographics and more are also highly effective depending on the Industry and target audience you are looking to reach. Additionally, the use of SEO and Analytics, which helps to track the engagement, lead generation and conversion rate is also important in measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Overall, content marketing can be an effective way to attract and engage your target audience and drive conversions. These statistics demonstrate the importance of incorporating content marketing into your overall strategy and consistently producing valuable and informative content.

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